The Gym

The Gym

The Ironworks Gymnasium is Kents most respected, disciplined and friendliest gym. We have over 4 tonnes of state of the art, brand new, custom made weight training equipment including an extensive range of freeweights, dumbells, iso-lever machines, pin stack machines, olympic and standard benches and next gen cardio equipment.

We offer an extensive range of protein shakes, protein bars, BCAAs, energy drinks and carb nutrition.

Personal Training and Nutrition

Personal Training or nutritional sessions can be booked from just £20 per hour with one of our qualified trainers. Full diet plans for muscle gain or weight loss can be designed just for you either on their own or as part of a training package.

Supplements and Clothing

We stock a full range of supplements including weight gainers, lean proteins, Amino acids, fat loss items, shakers, pre workout drinks/tablets, energy drinks and we mix up protein shakes to order from our supplement bar. We also stock a full range of ironworks clothing including T-shirts, Vests and Hoodies.